How can Harley Street maintain its pre-eminence as a national and international centre of medical excellence?

Video credit: Meantime Media

The Harley Street area boasts the biggest concentration of healthcare facilities and medical and surgical expertise anywhere in the world. Over many years, the Harley Street brand, has become respected both within the UK and internationally.

So, how do we ensure that London’s private healthcare community continues to lead the way in an increasingly competitive marketplace for private healthcare in the UK? With more than 80 countries now competing for their share of the medical tourism and international patient markets, how can London and Harley Street maintain its pre-eminence?

“The Future of Harley Street” at Royal Society Of Medicine (27 March, 6pm) aims to stimulate discussion on the way forward in both the domestic and international healthcare marketplace. Participants will gain insight into the size and nature of the international medical travel market, the activities of Harley Street’s global competitors and opportunities in new and traditional markets for Harley Street’s expertise.

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